Admissions Process


The admission process for Nahda Academy is as follows: -

  1. Please complete the registration form, which is available through the link below.
  2. Return the registration form by email to
  3. Once the form has been received, you will be notified accordingly and an invoice to commence the application process in the sum of SR 800.00 will be issued.
  4. Upon payment, the application will then be processed and referred for professional assessment, which will be subject to a charge of SR 850.00.  The assessment will enable the school to best identify the individual needs of the child in order to produce the most suitable plan for their education.
  5. After completion of the professional assessment, the enrolment process will be completed and a place secured upon initial payment of the term’s fees.  The term’s fees shall comprise a third of the Admissions and Registration fee (annual amount SR 5,000.00) and the tuition fees as per the table on the website, which are age-dependent.
  6. Please note that for entry into the Academic Year 2017/18 applications will only be considered for entry into Reception, Nursery to Year 3 groups.
  7. Should you wish to begin the enrolment process for the 2018/19 Academic Year, please complete the 2018/19 registration form.