About Us


Nahda Academy is a warm and welcoming learning environment. We are an emotionally literate community, we care for each other and we encourage and expect the best from our children in all aspects of school life. We are committed to a core belief in emotional educational where positive relationships provide the framework for all that we do.

Our commitment is to develop deep and rich partnerships with our children, their parents and our teaching staff, working together to ensure that all children can unleash their true and full potential. Together we nurture hope, optimism, compassion and resilience towards the development of self-belief and confidence in our children to become fulfilled, passionate and happy individuals.

At Nahda Academy creativity, diversity, sensitivity and individual strengths are positively developed and celebrated. We nurture society-minded individuals, understanding that we have a responsibility to give back to our community, the world and to become active global citizens.

Our community works for the success and happiness of everyone. We have high expectations of what everyone can achieve; for our students to follow their dreams, through meaningful choices towards being the person they aspire to be.

Our curriculum at Nahda Academy fuels creativity and nurtures the development of inquiry, questioning and a growing mind. We ensure that learning is challenging and mistakes are celebrated as an opportunity to develop, learn and improve. We foster curiosity so that we can find out about the world in which we live.

We have designed a blended British Montessori Curriculum within an ethos of Saudi Culture and Islamic Values.  The Arabic language is integrated in harmony with our curriculum.
Each day, we bring the very best of modern international teaching to our students in a safe, secure, happy and fun-filled environment.


We envision a place that enables every young person to realize their full potential as a global citizen, each in their own way.


To develop a lifelong love of learning in our children and a belief in limitless opportunities, through empowering every young person to become a morally responsible and emotionally resilient member of society.


We have a deep-rooted ambition, energy and drive to ensure that all pupils receive the very best education possible.

We believe in developing accountability towards self and others.

We are honest, trustworthy, open and supportive.

We foster a climate of acceptance to encourage a greater understanding of each other.

We strive for the highest possible personal achievements.