Fee Information


TUITION FEES 2021/2022

An annual tuition fee, to be paid in two equal instalments each semester, is determined in accordance with the table below. 

The fee includes all costs associated with the tuition of your child.  It should be noted that this fee does not include payments for the school canteen, extra-curricular activities, and field trips, the details of which will be provided separately.  School uniform is sold in school.

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Class (as per UK system)Annual Fee
First SemesterSecond Semester
Pre-nurserySR 32,000.00SR 16,000.00SR 16,000.00

SR 32,000.00SR 16,000.00SR 16,000.00
ReceptionSR 32,000.00SR 16,000.00SR 16,000.00
Year 1 SR 43,000.00SR 21,500.00SR 21,500.00
Year 2 SR 43,000.00SR 21,500.00
SR 21,500.00
Year 3SR 48,000.00SR 24,000.00SR 24,000.00
Year 4SR 48,000.00SR 24,000.00SR 24,000.00
Year 5SR 53,000.00SR 26,500.00SR 26,500.00
Year 6 SR 53,000.00SR 26,500.00SR 26,500.00
Assessment FeeSR 850.00For applications that are put forward for assessment, this covers the cost of a professional educational evaluation of your child.

Admission and Registration Fee
SR 5,800This is a one-off fee to confirm enrollment of your child into Nahda Academy. The fee will be charged in three equal instalments alongside the tuition fees for the trimester.
Reservation Fee
SR 10,000

A non-refundable fee to confirm the place of your in Nahda Academy for the following year. The reservation fee is deducted from the tuition.
Sibling DiscountPercentage
First Child0%
Second Child5%
Third Child10%
Fourth Child15%