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Teaching and Learning

As members of Nahda Academy, the community of passionate, lifelong learners, we understand the importance of providing our pupils with the skills required to enter the 21st Century with confidence to successfully secure their future paths and careers. We need to ensure that each and every one of them is empowered to become a morally responsible and emotionally resilient member of society, who is armoured with the highest ethics; a natural result of immersion within our Saudi culture and Islamic values.

We are dedicated to providing first -hand experiences, never in isolation but with clear educational purpose and a connection to prior knowledge. As such, our children will develop their sense of curiosity, fuel their creativity and nurture their inquiring and growing mind. Being emotionally literate, they work collaboratively with a spirit of mutual respect, and a strong belief in moderation and tolerance.

These children benefit from a customised, integrated curriculum; a curriculum of much thought and research that will propel our children into the future. Fully equipped for every situation, these active global citizens will benefit from the security of knowing their true identity as Arab Saudis. We therefore immerse our pupils in Saudi history, culture, heritage and traditions and link them with their roots, while also giving high emphasis to our Arab identity and language in all aspects of our school’s daily life and academic program.



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